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Given the busy lives most people now lead and the fact that not all of us are super-organised or have the time to prepare ahead for a slow cooker meal, a pressure cooker actually has a lot to offer.

The spontaneity of deciding what to have for dinner later in the day rather than earlier – and not being restricted by cooking times is also very appealing. Imagine how liberating it would be to have a tasty casserole or a whole roast chicken on the table in about 30 minutes.

Then there are the nutritional advantages that a pressure cooker offers – did you know that fast cooking in an enclosed space such as a pressure cooker retains both flavour and nutrients? They also save power by cooking foods so efficiently – all without the need to heat the oven.

Written by Kiwi cook Lisa Loveday, The New Zealand Pressure Cooker Cookbook is packed full of the kind of recipes that you’ll want to make every night. Each dish is photographed in full colour and there are also heaps of useful hints and tips that will allow you to get the very best use out of your pressure cooker.

Over  70 recipes with recipes photographed in full colour.

What Allyson Gofton has to say…

Lisa Loveday knows how to inspire the family cook into making easy , tasty meals, especially using a pressure cooker – an incredibly useful appliance. Through working with her over recent years, I know her research and recipe writing is of the highest calibre and I have no hesitation in recommending this book to you.

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New Zealand Pressure Cooker Cookbook


New Zealand Pressure Cooker Cookbook